You can run 60 minutes at a loose speed? Now, half a marathon is your next goal? In this running course I prepare you for the successful achievement of this challenge.

Half marathon running is becoming more and more popular, but many don’t know how to prepare properly for it.
The right training with a good plan is the best condition to reach your goals. Interval runs, endurance running and regeneration are important training modules and have to taken into account. That and much more you will learn in this course. With a ten-week training plan to motivate your own training, I help you to achieve your goals.

I am Frank. I have been a passionate runner for a very long time and am certified running coach. Despite all the experience and knowledge, I don’t make a science out of running. Because the great thing about it is that everyone can do it and you don’t need much. No more than a few basic rules and an appropriate basic knowledge. Plus a detailed training plan. That’s where it starts.

– every Tuesday starting at August 6th 2019
– 10 training sessions (until 8.10.2019)
– 120 euro
– 6 runners max